About us

Not all products are created equal

Your time is precious. That’s why you need products that actually work.

Life throws us plenty of challenges and chores. Yet, the right products make light work of it. You don’t waste time. You get the job done well. You’re free to enjoy what matters to you.

Whether it’s decorating, gardening or family activities, you’ll find all our products live up to their promises. Your satisfaction is at the core of our business and we’re here to help your home and family thrive.

A great value range, made for people like you

Product research takes time. So, we’ve done it for you. ALL our hand-picked home and garden items deliver on their word. Made almost exclusively in the UK (DampRid is a deliberate exception), we represent inventive manufacturers that know how to make your life easier. And their products do just that.

Life’s too short to waste time using ineffective products. Make smart choices and get quality results. Is it that simple? Well yes, it is!

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HSD Retail is on a mission…

You might not have heard of HSD Retail before. That’s ok, we’re a UK company that trades on the brands we represent. Hand-picked names that you’ll want to turn to time and again.

We’re on a mission. And it’s one you’ll like.

We founded HSD Retail in 2017. And things quickly started to blossom. Across the UK, there’s a myriad of fantastic manufacturers just waiting to be heard. They make products that’ll make your life so much easier. Yet, many are small operators, unable to market themselves with the strength they deserve.

That’s where we come in. Supporting products worthy of your attention. Because they’re going to help you. They’ll save you time and wasted money. They’ll do it better and last longer.

A tight-knit team with more enthusiasm than you can imagine, we carry out our mission with pride. Whatever your corner of the UK (or overseas for that matter) we bring you highly effective home and garden products.

Direct to your door.

Brands like Brushmaster, known for intelligent decorating tools. Then there’s Walther Strong – no tape is more versatile. Oh, and Goop needs a mention. Prevent all manner of punctures with ease. No more ruined days out. We’re massive fans of all the products we’ve uncovered.

You’ll wish you’d found us sooner. At least you’re here now, and we’d love to help.

Our shop is open 24/7. UK delivery is free. And our “direct to you” prices are fair. All that’s left is to see for yourself. There’s no time like the present.