Block Blitz Astro Turf and Artificial Grass Cleaner

You chose artificial grass to avoid weeds and moss. But they can still creep up on you, tarnishing your beautiful investment. There is another way to scrubbing and jet-washing. Block Blitz Artificial Grass Cleaner. Low effort, highly effective, and eco-friendly.

Artificial grass after 3 applications of Block Blitz Artificial Grass & Astro Turf CleanerDesigned in the UK to self-clean and protect artificial turf, this mineral and plant-based formula simply dissolves in water so you can pour it on. Yep, that easy.

Award-winning Block Blitz is non-abrasive and totally biodegradable, meaning there’s no harm to your kids, pets, or the environment.

SOFT WASH TECHNOLOGY™ naturally lifts grime and organic debris, washing it away in rainfall.

What’s more, one hassle-free application repels 90% of weeds and 99% of moss on your artificial grass for six months. And Block Blitz promises that if you apply it twice a year, you’ll never have to scrub or jet-wash again. What a relief!

It’s so easy to use

Pick a day when your artificial grass is dry, and rain is not forecast. Keep pets and children away until your application is dry (just rinse paws or hands with water if this doesn’t go to plan).

  1. Dissolve one sachet of powder in a filled 10-litre watering can, stirring well
  2. Pour steadily over your grass, starting at the highest point
  3. Walk away and make a cuppa

One sachet of Block Blitz Artificial Grass Cleaner treats 15 square metres of turf. You can purchase in multiples of two, four, or eight sachets.

Never more than 39p per square metre, this is a low cost, low effort method that works.

Want more detailed instructions? Click here. And remember, one application keeps on cleaning, refreshing, and protecting for six months, thanks to BLOCSHIELD PROTECTION repelling weeds and moss.

Want a Block Blitz Artificial Grass cleaning kit?

If you’ve got a large area of artificial turf to clean, or you’re committing to regular applications, our kit offers great value. You’ll get eight 380g sachets, a watering can, rose, and stirring wand. All for just £42.99. Click here to learn more