Block Blitz Block Paving Cleaner

Ideal for paths, drives, and patios, Block Blitz Block Paving Cleaner is a welcome alternative to hours of scrubbing or jet-washing. Just mix in a watering can, apply and watch your surface clean itself and stay clean – for six months!

Block Paving after 3 applications of Block Blitz Block Paving CleanerThe only UK product specifically created to clean and protect block paving, this amazing mineral and plant-based barrier detergent repels 90% of weeds and 99% of moss for up to six months after each application (thanks to BLOCSHIELD PROTECTION).

Block Blitz retains a high pH without being caustic, lifting grime and organic matter from the day you apply it. Natural rainfall then simply washes the particles away.

But you won’t find acid, bleach, or biocides in Block Blitz Block Paving Cleaner. It’s incredibly kind to the environment, 100% non-abrasive and children & pet safe.

Buy Block Blitz from as little as 25p per square metre

Can it really be that easy? Watch the video and see for yourself

Remember, one hassle-free application keeps on cleaning and protecting your block paving for up to six months.

How much Block Blitz do you need?

One 380g pouch of Block Blitz will treat 15 square metres – roughly the area covered by one and a half cars. Pouches are available in boxes of 2, 4 or 8 from £11.90 inc FREE UK delivery.

If you’re a new user, or you’ve got a large area to clean, our all-inclusive block paving cleaning kit offers great value. You’ll get eight 380g pouches, a watering can, rose, and stirring wand. All for just £39.99.