Block Blitz Gravel and Aggregate Cleaner

Newly laid gravel looks fantastic. But over time, weeds and moss spoil your surface and interfere with the sub-structure. Apply Block Blitz Gravel Cleaner – an eco-friendly choice – and bring your grubby gravel back to life with ease.

Gravel drive after 3 applications of Block Blitz Gravel & Aggregate CleanerSpecifically developed to clean and maintain aggregate paths, drives and decorative areas, this mineral and plant-based product is entirely natural. There’s no bleach or acids to harm children or pets. It’s not abrasive and it’s incredibly kind to the environment.

Better still, Block Blitz Gravel Cleaner requires little effort on your part. Simply water it on and let it work. No need for scrubbing or jet-washing. The SOFT WASH TECHNOLOGY™ gets to work, lifting grime and organic debris for rainfall to wash away.

Award-winning Block Blitz not only cleans it deters 90% of weeds and 99% of moss. In fact, it removes the weed-inducing environment created from standing organic debris. Gravel surface movement will also reduce, making the sub-structure more stable.

It’s so easy to use

Choose a dry day when your gravel is free from moisture. Keep pets and children off the surface until your application is dry (just rinse paws or hands with water if this doesn’t go to plan).

  1. Dissolve one sachet of powder in a filled 10-litre watering can, stirring well
  2. Pour steadily over your gravel, starting at the highest point
  3. Walk away and make a cuppa

Each 380g sachet, once dissolved, treats 15 square metres of gravel.

At no more than 39p per square metre, even the largest driveway can be easily cleaned at low cost.

Want more detailed instructions? Click here. And remember, one application keeps on cleaning, refreshing, and protecting for six months, thanks to BLOCSHIELD PROTECTION repelling weeds and moss.

Want a Block Blitz Gravel cleaning kit?

If you’ve got a large gravel drive to clean, or you’re committing to regular applications (we recommend twice yearly), our kit offers great value. You’ll get eight 380g sachets, a watering can, rose, and stirring wand. All for just £42.99 more …..