Block Blitz Multi Pave Cleaner

Whether you’ve got tarmac, slabs or decking outside, you know how slippery weeds, moss and algae make it. Scrubbing and jet-washing are such a chore, which is why Block Blitz created Multi-Pave Cleaner – great results with low effort.

Decking after 3 applications of Multi-Pave CleanerA specifically made mineral and plant-based formula, eco-friendly credentials mean it’s safe for kids and pets too.

Retaining a high pH without being caustic, Block Blitz contains no bleach, acid, or biocides. It’s also non-abrasive.

Cleaning and deterring up to 90% of weeds and 99% of moss growth (for six months after applying), you’ll keep your outdoor surfaces slip-free all year round. And they’ll look much better too.

Low effort, you say? That’s right. Just water Block Blitz Multi-Pave Cleaner onto your tarmac, slabs or decking and leave it to work for you.

And it does. In fact, award-winning Block Blitz promises that if you apply the correct product twice a year, you’ll never have to scrub or jet-wash again.

It’s so easy to use

Find a day when your surface is dry, and rain is not forecast for 24 hours. Keep pets and kids away until your application is dry (just rinse paws or hands with water if this doesn’t go to plan).

1. Dissolve one pouch of powder in a filled 10-litre watering can, stirring well
2. Pour steadily over your dry surface, starting at the highest point
3. Walk away and make a cuppa

One pouch of Multi-Pave cleaner treats 15 square metres of tarmac, paving or decking – about the space of one and a half cars.

As for the cost, it’s never more than 39p per square metre (based on buying just two pouches).

Want more detailed instructions? Click here. And remember, one application keeps on cleaning, refreshing, and protecting for six months, thanks to BLOCSHIELD PROTECTION repelling weeds and moss.

Want a Block Blitz Multi-Pave cleaning kit?

You might have a large tarmac or decking area to clean. If so, our all-inclusive kit offers great value. You’ll get eight 380g pouches, a watering can, rose, and stirring wand. All for just £42.99 more ….