What’s that kitchen damp smell?

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DampRd: The solution to kitchen damp smells

The horror of a kitchen damp smell. It’s something we all dread. They creep up on you, and leave you frantically trying to determine the cause.

Is it the bin? Maybe the drains, or the washing machine? Is there a dead mouse somewhere? Goodness, it’s horrible!

You clean every inch of the room. You fervently spray air freshener. You fling open the windows, despite the weather. But before you know it, the offensive whiff has returned. That unappetising musty aroma hits your nostrils with an unwelcome kick. How can you cook meals with such a foul smell at large? It’s not nice for your family, or your friends.

Whatever the cause (and there are many) a kitchen damp smell is downright awful. It has to go.

But how?

What causes kitchen damp smells?

Put simply, damp (plus the resulting smell and even mould) is caused by excess moisture. And that can come from many things in a kitchen, including:

Cure bad kitchen smells with DampRid
  • Washing machines & Dishwashers
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Fridges or freezers (esp. drip trays)
  • High levels of humidity (esp. from cooking)
  • Lack of ventilation

You might also have a structural problem outside. For example, a leaking damp course or gutter. Damp has also been known to involve rodents – perhaps if they’ve chewed through pipes to an appliance.

Damp is a serious issue. It can cause health problems if left unchecked. Given the amount of time we spend in our homes, a damp problem must be resolved.

Your first step towards disarming that persistent kitchen damp smell is to identify the cause. Check each appliance in detail, right back to the water connections. Follow plumbing pipes as far as you can see. Consider if there’s sufficient ventilation in the room and look outside, should a wall or ceiling be discoloured.

How to clear your unwelcome pong

There are some damp causes that’ll require professional help; such as re-plastering a damaged wall or fixing plumbing leaks. You can also take many actions yourself, to alleviate problems that might be causing the smell:

  • Keep your kitchen well-ventilated (especially after cooking)
  • Avoid having wet washing in the area (get it outdoors when possible)
  • Choose a vented tumble dryer
  • Cover pans when cooking and use the extractor fan
  • Choose moisture-resisting kitchen paints

All this is handy advice. And it might fix the problem if you’re lucky. But how do you avert the problem in the first place? Don’t we always say, “prevention is better than cure”?

DampRid: Remove the cause of damp – not just the smell

There’s a product that Americans have been using to absorb kitchen moisture for over 70 years. That’s quite a track record. Kitchen damp smells are a thing of the past for millions of homes in the USA. And it’s all down to DampRid.

Curing that kitchen damp smell

So many day-to-day kitchen activities generate moisture: cooking, boiling a kettle, making toast (no, really), and washing up. It’s all in a day’s work for us. But it all creates unwanted moisture in your kitchen.

And now, we all know what excess moisture leads to? Damp (and that blinking smell!)

You might be fooled into thinking that an air freshener does the job. It doesn’t. You’re simply masking the smell. But the problem still exists.

DampRid ELIMINATES the smell by REMOVING the moisture.

Containing natural, non-toxic crystals, DampRid simply and easily absorbs moisture in the air. It ensures your kitchen maintains the optimum level of humidity, however much you cook and wash in there.

Available in a handy-sized tub, just 12cm in height, set DampRid to work in a discreet corner. No more embarrassing smell. Better quality air for your family.

A 298g refillable tub lasts up to 45 days in areas up to 20 square metres. That’s not bad at all for under a tenner (and delivery is free too).

It’s so simple to use:

Simply cut the sealed bag of crystals, empty into the basket, fit the lid and position the tub.

Is that it? Really? Yes! We said it was simple.

Available in Fresh Scent or Fragrance Free, DampRid gets to work instantly. You’ll know when to replace the crystals. They’ll turn to liquid. Just flush them down the toilet (remember, they’re non-toxic) and use a 1.19kg refill bag in your tub (these are much cheaper than the initial tubs).

There’s just no reason to endure a nasty kitchen damp smell. Make it a distant memory with DampRid. The simple ideas really are the best.

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