Make their day with a bird feeder gift set

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Finding a gift they’ll love can be tricky. So many people seem to have everything these days. That’s why our new bird feeder gift set is the answer for friends and relatives of all ages.

And right now, when life is tough, we’re valuing the simpler things in life. What better pleasure than watching nature feed from your own garden or terrace? From finches and sparrows to Jays and Wrens, they’ll all come closer when food’s on offer.

Etree Hanging Bird Feeder

Perhaps you’re buying for a bird lover? Perhaps this is new to them? Gifting our popular hanging bird feeder starter pack is perfect for old hands and newbies.

Whilst the gift set is new for 2021, the Etree hanging feeder has been a best-seller for years – a testament to its popularity throughout the year. If you prefer ‘tried and tested’ products, this should be on your list.

It’s all in the box

There’s nothing worse than opening your present and discovering you need to buy something else before using it. So, we’ve popped everything apart from the birds into our starter set.

Etree Bird Feeder Gift Set Box

We’ve teamed the Etree hanging bird feeder with a 500g pack of premium bird seed and a handy scoop – all packaged in a presentation box with full instructions.

Open the box, fill the feeder, hang it up. Couldn’t be simpler.

Advice on where to hang the feeder is printed on the box. You can secure it from a low-hanging tree branch, use a redundant hanging basket hook or opt for a deck hanger. Always aim for eye level height and an area that’ll remain quiet

Perhaps that’s outside a window so they can sit quietly inside and enjoy the show?

There’s a hook on the top of the feeder, making installation a breeze. Just grab a piece of garden twine or wire.

Filling the feeder is quick and mess-free. Just slide open the opening in the roof and, using the scoop, pour in the wild bird seed. As the birds munch it from the gully, more dispenses automatically.

Keep everything dry

Some bird feeders have an annoying design fault – the seed gradually clogs up as the rain gets to it. And the birds will steer clear on a wet day.

Our bird feeder gift set solves both these problems. With a 360-degree perch covered by a wide domed roof, both seed and birds stay dry, whatever the weather.

You’ll also see the seed level through the clear plastic, knowing when it’s time for a refill. And using the shaped bird feed scoop, not a single seed will drop.

Made to last

When you buy the Etree bird feeder gift set, you’re gifting something that’ll last for years. Made from strong weather resistant plastic, there’s nothing to rust or deteriorate. And you can simply wash it in warm soapy water.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our bird feeder and scoop even have the British weather in their sights.

And the wild bird seed? Extra Select is manufactured by Su-Bridge, one of the UK’s leading pet food suppliers. Bursting with nutrients, it contains a high percentage of smaller seeds such as black sunflower, white millet, and kibbled split peas. Ideal for most small garden birds.

So, if you’re wondering whether they’d like it, the answer is: “Yes, they’d love it.” You’ll be giving them a present that’ll provide hours of pleasure for years to come. And that is a gift worth giving.