The etree lantern bird feeder is comfortable AND stylish. Why dine anywhere else?

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Purple Hanging Lantern Bird Feeder

From the lush greens of summer through the russet hues of autumn – the visual splendour of your garden should be matched by cheerful birdsong in all seasons.

A little like us… our local birds are looking for the basics; a snug spot to perch, shelter from the elements and a healthy helping of tasty, accessible food. This charming, practical lantern bird feeder from etree covers all bases and is sure to entice an array of birds to your garden or patio throughout the year.

Or more precisely, years. It’s made in the UK from durable, rust-free materials to endure the elements and delight your diners for many seasons to come.

Set your scene

Lantern Bird Feeder by eTree

Relax on your sun-warmed patio to the trill of blue tits and wrens tucking in to oats, seeds and grain from the 360-degree perch. Later, as the nights draw in and rain clouds gather, nestle indoors watching blue tits take shelter and refuel beneath the feeder’s broad domed roof.

And it’s not just comfortable, but efficient…

Refilling a bird feeder can be a messy affair. Not with this one. The swivel opening in its roof makes for a smooth, speedy refill. You won’t be sighing when levels run low and the no-fuss top ups will keep your patrons coming back for more.

Dine in style at the Lantern Bird feeder

Opt for a deep forest green that blends flawlessly with your natural space and doesn’t deter the more cautious diner; or add a pop of colour to your patio or terrace with one of the two other vibrant colour options. Once sprung fresh out of the box, you can fill in a jiffy and hang elegantly in the most bird-friendly spot you can find.

Keep them singing through the winter

We tend to associate birdsong with the spring and summer months, but there is no reason it can’t delight us during autumn and winter too. In fact, it’s during these colder spells that birds most rely upon the protected natural havens our gardens provide.

Many populations of wild birds are declining in the UK, but by offering ready access to food and shelter we can utilise our outdoor spaces to help them flourish.

Incorporating a durable, covered bird feeder is a logical step towards creating an optimal habitat for dwindling bird populations. Simply invest in some high quality bird food and keep your binoculars handy!

What’s your pick?

Whether it’s a quick refuel or fine dining they’re after, the etree hanging lantern bird feeder will have the locals flocking to book a perch at your place. Choose from one of three colours to complement your garden or patio.

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