Another wheelbarrow puncture repair? Stop them for good!

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An end to wheelbarrow puncture repairs!

It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re all set for some time in the garden. Wellies on. Spade at the ready. But wait! Your wheelbarrow tyre’s flat again. So, your first job is now a frustrating wheelbarrow puncture repair.

You’ve been here before. Annoying isn’t it?

There’s only so much time for gardening and the last thing you need is unplanned repairs. If you run an allotment or perhaps have stables, wheelbarrows are even harder workhorses. When they let you down, the delay is downright frustrating.

Repair tools at the ready

Here we go again. You know the drill. Socket set to remove the muddy tyre from the frame. Rusted on bolts? Yep, that happens. It’s a pain isn’t it?

Flat-head screwdriver to help you ease the tyre off the rim. That’s never an easy job. They have a habit of pinging back on when you least want it – taking your fingers with them. A bucket of water to find the leak. You’ve got to play detective here. Puncture repair kit (where did I leave that?) tyre pump…

Of course, you could treat yourself to a spare wheelbarrow tyre. It’s not a fix for today (when you want to use it), but if you can work out the right size and specification. That might set you back £10 to £20. Maybe more. All’s well, until you get another puncture!

There must be a better way.

Prevention is better than wheelbarrow puncture repair

Instead of puncture repair, change your mindset to wheelbarrow puncture prevention. It’s a simple switch that’ll give you more time in the garden, get more done on your allotment and quite frankly, save you a great deal of frustration.

We all wait for the problem to happen. Why? There’s just no need in this case. Put some time aside to prepare your wheelbarrow for the gardening season and you’ll banish wheelbarrow puncture repairs forever.

Introducing Goop Puncture Prevention

There’s a nifty little bottle of green stuff that’s the answer to your prayers. Goop Puncture Preventative is made from ground particles of recycled rubber. When a puncture occurs on a Goop protected tyre, the escaping air forces Goop into the hole and forms a lasting plug. Problem solved.

Even better, Goop will last for the life of your tyre. One application is all you need.

It takes minutes to install, and you don’t even have to remove your wheelbarrow tyre – no tools required. In three simple steps, you’ll be fully protected:

  1. Remove the tyre valve (tool included)
  2. Squeeze the Goop into the tyre.
  3. Replace the valve & inflate the tyre.

Suitable for tubed or tubeless tyres, full instructions are provided. And it’s so simple. Goop is kind to the environment too, being non-toxic and water-based.

You’ll wish you’d found it sooner. A 250ml bottle of Goop is sufficient for a wheelbarrow tyre. And at just £8.99, it’s far cheaper than all those tools or a replacement tyre. Plus, it guarantees your Sunday afternoon in the garden. Should a thorn or nail create a puncture, no frustrating wheelbarrow puncture repair is needed – because you PREVENTED it with Goop. The clever green rubber particles simply plug the hole in an instant. And you carry on with the job in hand.

Your garden will blossom and your leeks will grow. All because of Goop. And you’ll get the hours back from repairing that wheel. All for just £8.99.

Why stop at your wheelbarrow tyre?

Here’s what we really love about Goop Puncture Prevention. It’s not just for wheelbarrows. You can use it on bicycles, mobility scooters, motorcycles, trailers, and ride-on mowers. Even cars and vans. It’s genuinely your best friend. You’ll keep your family safe and happy. Your hands clean. You’ll be forever free from the worry (and annoyance) of punctures.