Brushmaster 7″ Paint Pad Applicator

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The Brushmaster 7″ paint pad applicator is the ideal way to apply a smooth, even, finish to small and medium sized walls and ceilings.

The applicator and detachable pad can be used by hand, or fitted with an extension pole for hard to reach areas. The multi-position head ensures perfect pad contact at all times.

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Designed & manufactured in the UK, the Brushmaster 7″ paint pad applicator is the ideal way to paint walls and ceilings in smaller rooms – e.g. bedrooms ,bathrooms, entrance halls etc.
(For larger rooms, a 9″ version is also available)

Made from the latest tear resistant flock, Brushmaster decorating pads are hard-wearing, re-usable, and feature a unique barrier between the flock and suspension layers. This ensures even pad loading, smooth coverage and a superior finish. Suitable for use with gloss or emulsion paint.

The 7″ T-handle applicator handle features floating, semi-floating and fixed positions ,ensuring perfect pad contact from all angles. A removable connector is also included, allowing the use of push fit or threaded extension poles.

Replacement 7″ decorating pads are available separately (Brushmaster ref: 8560112)


Applies:   Gloss or Emulsion paint
Size:        27cm x 18cm x 9cm
Weight:   0.12Kg

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