Brushmaster Paint Pad Bug (9″/228mm)

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The Brushmaster 9″ paint pad Bug is the fastest, drip free, way to apply a professional finish to walls and ceilings.

Featuring an ergonomic soft touch handle and time saving quick change pad attachment, let the Brushmaster Bug take your decorating to the next level.

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Designed & manufactured in the UK, The Brushmaster Paint Pad Bug is the fastest and cleanest way to paint large smooth or textured areas!

The soft touch handle is incredibly comfortable to use at all angles. For painting higher walls and ceilings, the handle can also be un-clipped to reveal an adaptor for push fit extension poles.

The Bug’s paint pad features a unique barrier between the flock and foam suspension layers. This ensures even pad loading and smooth coverage with gloss or emulsion paints. The pad is also re-usable and features quick change Hook & loop attachment technology for easy removal and cleaning.

Replacement paint pads are available separately. (Brushmaster ref: 8560136)


Applies:   Gloss or Emulsion paint
Size:        27cm x 23cm x 8cm
Weight:   0.127Kg