Brushmaster 3-Piece Paint Pad Extension Pole

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The 1m long Brushmaster 3-piece steel paint pad extension pole fits all paint pads, rollers and most household cleaning tools using a standard attachment thread.

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The Brushmaster 1.25m long 3-piece extension pole fits all Brushmaster Premier & Specialist T-handle applicators. The standard attachment thread also fits most other household painting and cleaning tools

Made from tube steel for lightness and strength, assembly is as quick as pushing the pieces together, then twisting to lock.

After use the pole quickly breaks down into 3 pieces, creating a compact bundle that fits easily into most drawers and cupboards.


Fits:          Brushmaster T-handle applicators
Material: Painted Steel
Size:         24.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 7 cm (packed)  – 1.25m long assembled
Weight:   0.227 Kg


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