Brushmaster Floor Varnish Applicator

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The Brushmaster Specialist Floor Varnish Applicator is the ideal way to apply varnish or stain to wood and parquet floors.

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Designed & manufactured in the UK, the Brushmaster floor varnish applicator is the splatter-free way to apply stain, varnish, oil or lacquer to wood and parquet floors.

Made from the latest tear resistant flock, Brushmaster floor varnish pads are hard-wearing, re-usable, and feature a unique barrier between the flock and suspension layers. This ensures even pad loading and smooth coverage on sanded boards and parquet floors.

The applicator handle features floating, semi-floating and fixed positions ,ensuring perfect floor contact from all angles. A removable connector is also included, enabling the use of threaded or push fit extension poles.

Replacement floor varnish pads are available separately (Brushmaster ref: 8560075)


Applies:   Stain, varnish, oil, lacquer
Size:        27cm x 18cm x 8cm
Weight:   0.12Kg

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