DampRid Moisture Absorbers

Excess humidity, condensation, musty smells and mould. All unpleasant and all indicators of excess moisture in your home.

DampRid moisture absorbers have been protecting American homes from damp and musty air for more than 70 years. They’re cost-effective, nontoxic and simple to use.

DampRid’s natural eco-friendly crystals absorb excess moisture in the air to maintain a safe humidity level. DampRid doesn’t mask musty smells, it removes the problem causing it.

There’s a DampRid solution for every moisture build-up in your home. That might be large spaces like utilities and garages, small spots such as caravans and cupboards, or places where a hanging bag would work well.

Don’t let excess moisture ruin your home. Protect those risky areas and banish musty smells for good.

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