DampRid Wardrobe Moisture Absorber (Lavender Vanilla)

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A DampRid hanging wardrobe moisture absorber is the natural way to protect valuable clothing from damp, humidity, mildew & mould for up to 60 days.

Featuring a patented hanging design, DampRid moisture absorbers are available in single and triple packs, with a choice of Lavender Vanilla or Fresh Scent fragrances.



When DampRid’s all-natural crystals are exposed to air, they absorb excess moisture and gradually dissolve into a liquid brine (a saltwater solution). DampRid never dries the air to a level that could damage your clothing. DampRid’s proprietary formula is also septic safe and friendly to the environment.

Using your wardrobe moisture absorber

DampRid wardrobe moisture absorbers are so easy to use. Simply remove from the box, remove the clear wrapper, unfold and hang on a rail with enough space to allow air circulation. After 60 days, or when all the crystals have dissolved, throw away and replace.

Using Damp Rid wardrobe moisture absorbers

DampRid Hanging Wardrobe Moisture Absorber Bags

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