Moisture Absorber Traps

From small spaces to large rooms, let DampRid moisture absorber traps solve your damp problem once and for all.

If it’s a cupboard or toilet, simply place a refillable tub in a discreet corner. Just 12cm high, the natural crystals will get to work straight away, absorbing the excess humidity and preventing musty smells. When the tub is full of water, just pour away and add some fresh crystals from a refill bag.

For larger areas, the DampRid bucket is the solution. Providing effective protection for up to six months, place one in your caravan or garage. Even the utility or loft. Anywhere that sees a greater build-up of harmful moisture.

  • Remove the moisture, eliminate the smell
  • Maintain a safe level of humidity
  • Help prevent the formation of mould
  • Natural, eco-friendly, crystals
  • Economical and easy to use

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