DampRid Small Moisture Absorber Tub (298g)

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DampRid Small Moisture Absorber Tubs are the ideal way to control damp air and stubborn odours in kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards and storage areas.



DampRid’s natural crystals absorb excess moisture in the air to create and maintain the optimal humidity level wherever moisture is a problem. They’re cost-effective, nontoxic, and simple to use. Importantly, unlike sprays and candles which just mask the problem, DampRid actually traps the excess moisture to eliminate musty odors. Each refillable tub is effective for up to 45 days in areas up to 20 sq. m.

Outside the home, small tubs are also a great way to protect caravans, mobile homes, camper vans, boats and classic cars from from the damaging effects of damp air.

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Scent:       Fragrance Free or Fresh Scent
Size:         11.70 cm x 12.00 cm
Weight:    0.29 Kg

Using small moisture absorber tubs

DampRid tubs are so easy to use. Simply empty the sealed bag of crystals into the basket, replace the lid and position the tub. The crystals will immediately begin to harden and dissolve as they absorb airborne moisture. Once the crystals have completely dissolved, the liquid can be emptied into the toilet and flushed away.

Tip: To remove moisture from small possessions, including cellphones and other electronic devices, placing a DampRid tub in an air-tight container with the item until it dries out.

Using Damp Rid

Refilling small moisture absorber tubs

DampRid Refill Bags are the economical way to refill your small tubs. Each resealable bag contains four refills – typically up to 65% cheaper than the cost of a new tub!

Damp Rid Refillable Tubs

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