Prospike Lawn Aerator Shoes

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Prospike lawn aerator shoes are the best way to increase the penetration of air, water and nutrients for a greener, healthier lawn.  Prospike are the only aerator shoes featuring a conical cruciform spike for larger, stronger holes. They’re light, rust free and easy to use.


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Aerating your lawn stimulates the soil ecosystem, creating the optimum growing environment for a greener, healthier lawn. Frequent use will deepen roots, improve absorption of fertilizers and the general quality of your lawn.

Prospike Lawn Aerator Shoes are computer designed to maximise the penetration of water and nutrients into tired turf for the least amount of effort. Manufactured from super tough Nylon, they are also 100% rust free and can be quickly washed off under the tap.

To ensure a secure fit, the platform features a textured non-slip surface with a raised heel stop, plus double stitched webbing straps and buckles.

The secret’s in the spike

Prospike lawn aerator shoe spikeProspike Lawn Aerator Shoes feature a unique conical spike with cruciform ribbing. This computer designed profile creates a stronger hole with a much greater surface area – which naturally increases the passage of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

In contrast, most cheaper aerator shoes use parallel metal spikes, like nails, that leave very narrow holes. These quickly close when the lawn is walked on, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

Parallel spikes are also more difficult to pull out of the ground, especially on heaver soil. This puts unnatural strain on knees and calf muscles, making them more tiring to use.

Think Aeration – think Prospike!


Colour:   Green
Size:       10cm x 31cm x 13.5
Weight:  0.621Kg