Goop Bike Puncture Prevention Sealant (250ml)

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Goop is the environmentally friendly bike puncture prevention sealant offering freedom from roadside punctures. Added in minutes, a 250ml bottle is the ideal size for one adult bicycle, or any small tyres fitted with a traditional Schrader type valve.



Manufactured using recycled rubber, Goop bike puncture prevention sealant is a water based product, totally harmless to tyres and inner tubes. It’s also non-toxic, non-flammable and can be safely washed away without harm to the environment. Formulated and manufactured in the UK

How does Goop Work?

In the event of a puncture, escaping air instantly forces Goop into the hole, where its rubber particles form a lasting plug to prevent further air loss. As a water based product, Goop can be quickly cleaned out of tubes and tyres without reside. This feature allows a traditional patch to be added at a later date if required. Goop’s bright green colour also makes it easy to find the source of any leaks.


Contents:       Non-toxic Aqueous Glycol solution
Size:               250ml (also available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles)
Dimensions:  5.6cm x 16.5cm
Weight:          0.302kg

Goop Bike Puncture Prevention Sealant in Action

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