Goop Car Puncture Prevention Sealant (1ltr)

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Goop car puncture prevention sealant offers instant protection from punctures in the tread area of your car and caravan tyres. It’s also ideal for vans, 4WD vehicles and commercial vehicles.


In the event of a puncture, escaping air instantly forces Goop into the hole, where its rubber particles form a lasting plug to prevent further air loss. As a water based product, Goop can be quickly cleaned out of tubes and tyres without reside. This feature allows a traditional repair to be made at a later date if required. Goop’s bright green colour also makes it easy to find the source of any leaks

Manufactured in the using recycled rubber, Goop is totally harmless to tyres and inner tubes. It’s also non-toxic, non-flammable, water based and can be safely flushed away without harm to the environment.

NB. Unlike similar sealants, Goop car puncture prevention sealant uses finely ground rubber particles instead of fibre. These fibres can block tyre valves during installation and ‘ball up’ in the tyre due to centrifugal force. This eventually happens with all fibre based products, slowly reducing their ability to seal punctures.

Installing Goop

To add Goop car puncture prevention sealant to your tyres, simply let them down, then remove the valve with the tool provided. The correct amount of Goop can then be added using the tube attached to the bottle. After reinstalling the valve, pump your tyres back up to the correct pressure and you’re all set!
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Contents:        Non-toxic Aqueous Glycol solution
Size:                1Ltr (also available in 250ml and 500ml bottles)
Dimensions:   8.5 cm x 25.5 cm
Weight:           1.23 kg

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Watch Goop in Action!

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