Walther Strong Grandad Tape

£7.96 including FREE UK delivery

Join, patch and repair like a pro with a roll of Grandad Tape!  It’s tough,  waterproof, tears easily and sticks like glue. Available in black, white and silver, never be without a roll of Grandad Tape in your toolbox!


Walther Strong Grandad Tape consists of three distinctive layers.

  • A weather resistant outer layer
  • A tough fabric weave layer, to give the tape its strength (which is why you will sometimes hear it called cloth tape).
  • A high quality adhesive layer, giving a lasting fix to anything!

Grandad Tape’s durable fibre structure gives it the strength you need, but also the ability to tear easily from the roll. It’s also thick – like duct tape used to be  – and that  means you can find the edge of the tape on the roll!


Size:          50mm wide x 10m long
Colours:   Black, White, Silver
Weight:    0.1 kg