Walther Strong Liquid Masking Tape

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Walther Strong Liquid Masking Tape is an amazing water based gel that dries to form a strong, easily removable film.

Liquid Tape is ideal for all your paint masking jobs – whether arts, crafts, painting or decorating. It can also be used to provide temporary protection against sandblasting, grinding, plastering and general scratching.


Originally developed as a specialist masking medium for decorators, Liquid Masking Tape has been quickly adopted by arts, crafts and DIY enthusiasts who have discovered dozens of new uses for this amazing gel.

Simply paint it on and it dries to form a strong, flexible and easily removable film. The rest is up to you!

Building and decorating

In the home, Liquid Tape offers good protection against paint, scratches, plaster, cement, PU foam etc. It sticks to practically all surfaces and doesn’t slip. Use for protecting expensive kitchen and bathroom porcelain, taps and fittings when plastering, tiling or painting. When the work is done, the flexible film can be very simply pulled off with no residue left behind.

Arts and crafts

Walther Strong Liquid Masking Tape is becoming widely used as a mixed medium in the arts and craft world, as a masking fluid and to create tactile, 3D effects on any surface. Used in window arts free hand and with stencils. Go ahead and experiment – we know you’ll love it!


Application:      For indoor use above 10 C.
Applicators:      Brush, roller or airless sprayer
Drying time:      1 – 2 hours at 23 C
Sizes:                 Available in 250 ml and 1 litre tins
Surfaces:          Avoid fabrics, soft furnishings and sandblasted timber. Always test surfaces first.

Walther Strong Liquid Tape Properties

Using Walther Strong Liquid Tape

Protecting Surfaces with Liquid Tape

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